Bella Noell

German Voice Artist-Female


Trained as an actress in World Performance at East15 Acting School, I not only trained in numerous acting techniques, non-western character styles, story telling forms and ritualistic movement, these cultural legacies taught me to make art happen myself whenever there is a need of art within you.

In my training I was equipped with the most valuable skill of all: teach yourself how to make your vision happen; may it be a character that benefits from a special Balinese Dance character quality, a costume that needs to be customized to fit the extreme style of the performance, a specific emotion that needs to show in a single picture which is fed by a Bharatanatyam rasa or a fantastical creature that requires a special effect in Make-Up.

I was taught to use the basic techniques that were given to me or that can be found in observing other artists to practice while always acquiring more knowledge, learning by intensive trial and error.

Constantly shaping and developing, I always try to find new ways to make good art.