Portuguese Voice Artist- Female



Her resume includes works for the TV programme "Toda a Verdade", of the Portuguese news channel SIC Notícias, and for the Panda,Odyssey,History, Discovery and Biography cable channels. 

She also left her mark at Universidade Aberta (Open University) – where she hosted the programme "Entre Nós", and her voice and image were broadcast on RTP 2, RTP International and RTP Africa. At Rádio Clube Português,

she hosted the programme "Tudo é Possível" and is currently an announcer and entertainer for Rádio Sim, of R-COM Group, Rádio Renascença. 

Is Audio Guide (English) of the tourism bus, and she's the voice of the Caixa Geral de Depósitos in France.

She has worked on advertising campaigns for TAP, Sanyo, Multiopticas, Cuétara, Cable TV, Portuguese publisher Leya, the City Hall of Almada and Miele, among others. More recently, she has lent her voice to audio books by author Fatima Marinho and to the Gromiti show, which was on stage at the Atlantic Pavilion, where she played Mother Nature.

Alongside her radio career, she gives training, lectures and conferences in the field of voice, speech and radio communication through partnerships with various organisations, schools and companies.


Sample Voice Overs